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MasterSeries - Backflow Preventers

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Serving a Wide Range of Application Needs

The MasterSeries line of backflow preventers are designed for varying applications, including:

  • Fire suppression systems
  • Potable water supplies
  • Agricultural and municipal irrigation

MasterSeries® backflow prevention assemblies aren’t just Lead Free. We also redesigned the check and relief valves for superior performance.

Consider this list of features & benefits:

  • Investment-casted stainless steel internal components for extended valve life and reduced maintenance
  • Superior check valve design reduces pressure loss
  • Compact N-pattern available for installation in tight quarters
  • Small form factor reduces enclosure size for cost savings
  • N-pattern valve setters available for complete installations

And there’s more. Our state-of-the-art backflow preventers offer:

  • Horizontal, vertical-up/vertical-down, and vertical-up/vertical-up orientations
  • Full Lead Free certification to NSF 61G standards
  • Type II Detector Assemblies
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